Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Masturbation Guide for Men - Training self to Stay Longer in Bed

How to masturbate efficiently!

Masturbation is one of the best ways to determine how your body reacts to sex in an effort to train you to ultimately please any woman. Bearing that in mind, don't assume all masturbation will help you and actually it may show you the ropes to orgasm quicker if done incorrectly.

Here are 9 ways to ensure that you don't foul up yourself:

Attention Gents Who Would Like To Stay Longer And Be Better During Sex...
1. Never masturbate without lubricant

The fact is, your hand does not feel the same (or as good) as a vagina. That means if you masturbate with a dry hand then you are teaching your body so that it doesn't require very much stimulation to orgasm. That's certainly a bad thing...

The key is to give yourself the same or even more stimulation when you masturbate so when it comes time for the "main event" you're mentally and physically prepared. You can simply use lubrication, or if you want to get as close to life-like as possible, then you can invest in a pocket vagina. Click here to view the best lubricant in the market...

2. In no way hurry masturbation

If you're goal is to go very far in bed, then you can't race masturbation. That will only exercise your ejaculatory response to orgasm faster and faster over time.

Attempt to set aside no less than 20 minutes every time you feel the urge to masturbate. Then if you feel yourself on the verge of orgasm before 20 minutes, you should take a rest, loosen up, and focus on your inhaling and exhaling until your arousal levels fall back to normal.

3. Constantly masturbate relaxed without distractions

For me personally, I find it's best to masturbate in the evening before I go to bed. This way I am aware I have sufficient time, I am calm, and there are zero interruptions.

4. Don't get too aroused

Here's a typical example of what not to do. Many men watch a adult movie until they are really stimulated and then they masturbate, which inevitably causes them to orgasm inside a couple of seconds.

Alternatively, you should masturbate the entire time so that you can train you to ultimately stay calm and to not get extremely aroused.

5. Don't over visualize

Over imagining is a bad routine to begin so if you can keep an erection without it, then I recommend not imagining at all. It is advisable to train your mind to keep calm during sex and if you constantly concentrate on arousing thoughts during masturbation, then you'll have a hard time staying relaxed with a partner.

6. Don't forget to breathe

Breathing is the greatest way to stay relaxed during sex so you want to practice deep breathing whenever you masturbate. Simply focus on breathing deeply and you'll be stunned by how relaxed your brain and body will be even as you boost your arousal levels.

7. Don't flex your perineal muscles

Perineal muscles dictate your ejaculatory reflex so if you are able to keep them relaxed, then you will last longer during sex.

Once you masturbate, keep these muscles completely relaxed. As you acquire practical experience, then you'll definitely want to try the "hold it in" technique, which needs you to flex these muscles just before ejaculation. However, if you're just beginning then pay attention to relaxing rather than the more complex "hold it in" technique.

8. Thrust, don't just jerk

Let's be honest, no girl is ever going to do all of the work so there's no reason for training yourself to just sit there while moving your hand.

It's better to thrust in real life motions while using the lubrication or a pocket vagina so your body and mind grow acquainted with the strong stimulation. View a review on our suggested lubricant...

9. Always urinate beforehand

Under no circumstances start masturbating or having intercourse with a full bladder. This leads to pressure against your perineal muscles, prostate, and seminal vesicles, which will prompt your ejaculatory reflex quicker.

Therefore, it's best to get into the habit of going to the bathroom before you masturbate or initiate sex. More tips here...